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Redesigning of a kitchen

The original kitchen. 

The original kitchen.

This was one of the biggest projects we've worked on. The redesigning of this kitchen started with us ripping out the old kitchen including the backdoor and starting again. Once the kitchen had been ripped out we started by replacing the backdoor, scraping the walls of old paper and paint. We put the new lighting into the newly lowered ceiling and began the plastering over the walls and ceiling. Once the plaster had dried we began painting the walls, ceiling and skirting. Then we moved onto the tiling and grouting the floor. After this we started placing the units, oven and towel rail into the kitchen. Once everything was in place we began tiling and grouting the wall tiles. Then with a few finishing touches glossing, siliconing, cleaning and the client moving all there bits back into the kitchen we had finished. This was one of our biggest projects but the end result was worth it. 

The original backdoor. 

Once the kitchen had been ripped out. 

The new lighting and lowered ceiling. 

Plastered ceiling. 

The new flooring. 

The new backdoor and towel rail. 

Backdoor boxed in. 

Units, oven and fridge put back into place and tiling on the walls. 

Kitchen in working order. 

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